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The 2014 AEJMC Equity and Diversity Award

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6/17/14   Greenlee School Earns 2014 AEJMC Equity and Diversity Award

The 2014 AEJMC Equity and Diversity Award



(Originally adopted by the faculty on October 17, 2003, and revised on December 5, 2014)

The faculty and administrative leadership of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication are fully committed to maintaining an intellectually diverse, nondiscriminatory, and multicultural environment.

The previous version of this plan carved a pathway that enabled the Greenlee School to win the national 2014 AEJMC Diversity and Equity Award. We uphold those values and are inspired by the award to aim even higher. We seek to maintain an inclusive curriculum, a diverse faculty and student population, and a welcoming, supportive, and celebratory climate.

Greenlee faculty members were part of the university team that wrote and conducted research on the definition of diversity for the entire Iowa State University community. We are guided by that definition:

“Iowa State celebrates and advances diversity by creating a safe place in which people can express themselves freely and share their unique talents. This diversity of talents enriches our campus by fueling creativity, innovation, and success.

“Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect by fostering an environment of inclusion that moves beyond simple tolerance to recognizing the richness in the individual identities of people.

“Diversity, therefore, is an active process that requires our continuous dedication in order to meet the needs of present and future generations of students, faculty, and staff.”

Language from the definition of diversity for Iowa State University

We define diversity broadly, recognizing that individuals can contribute their unique talents and values across the four dimensions of diversity listed below:

A. Their personhood and character

B. Their internal dimensions (such as racial identity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical and/or mental abilities, and ethnic identity)

C. Their external dimensions (such as religion, education, socio-economic class background, work experience, marital and parental status, appearance, geographic location, hobbies)

D. Their organizational dimensions (such as management status, classification, field of study, seniority/rank, union affiliation)

With these definitions in mind, we set out to accomplish the following goals:


Among other initiatives:

  • Recruit intentionally by reaching out to high schools in diverse communities with the intent of encouraging underrepresented students to apply to Iowa State University and the Greenlee School in proportions that match or surpass Iowa and Iowa State University demographics
  • Make a concerted effort to recruit diverse candidates for the school’s graduate program at national mass communication conferences as well as at in-state and regional colleges
  • Secure funding and provide scholarships to help retain a diverse student body
  • Ensure diverse student retention through our advising program

Action plan 2: DIVERSE FACULTY

Among other initiatives:

  • Ensure diversity and diversity training of faculty members serving on search committees
  • Recruit intentionallyto encourage diverse applicant pools with the intent of matching or surpassing Iowa State University faculty demographics
  • Widely distribute information about open faculty positions in a variety of publications and at conferences
  • Facilitate faculty mentorship to assist with the tenure and promotion process
  • Strive to maintain gender equity in leadership positions
  • Ensure equity in pay and rank


Among other initiatives:

  • Conduct periodic course mapping to show evidence of diversity in courses and syllabi
  • Offer JL MC 477 (Ethnicity, Gender, Class and the Media) every semester
  • Offer JL MC 476 (World Communication Systems) every year
  • Invite speakers to address diversity issues as they pertain to various classes and majors
  • Organize events and workshops for students and faculty that discuss or celebrate diversity
  • Encourage diverse students to join and seek opportunities at student media and clubs within the school and the university
  • Broadly distribute information to students about diverse internship and hiring opportunities and facilitate interactions between students and alumni or professionals
  • Monitor industry assessment of students’ diversity awareness in our capstone course (JL MC 499) evaluations


Among other initiatives:

  • Recognize and support faculty scholarship and service efforts related to issues of diversity
  • Showcase and celebrate faculty, staff, and administrative accomplishments through monthly Good News from Greenlee reports
  • Emphasize diversity in committee and service appointments
  • Sustain an environment that is collegial and welcoming to all faculty, staff, and students
  • Ensure diverse participation in all programs and events
  • Provide all of our students, including those who are underrepresented and marginalized, a platform, a voice, and multiple leadership opportunities via several student-operated publications, professional organizations, and both a radio and television station


  • Maintain a standing subcommittee to track and assess accomplishments in diversity
  • Review activities across action plans 1 – 4 in annual year-end reports to be presented to the director and the faculty 

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