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Good News from Greenlee: February 2017

Gang HanEditor of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly Names Gang Han a Top Reviewer

Scholars often complain about the slow turn-around times in the journal peer-review process, as this recent article in Nature addressed, but journalism and communication journals often are timelier, especially when reviewers like the Greenlee School’s Gang Han analyze manuscripts.

In recognition for his service to the flagship journal in our discipline, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Editor Louisa Ha, Bowling Green State professor, sent the School a letter stating:

I am writing to commend the service of Dr. Gang Han of your school who … accepted all our review invitations and reviewed two manuscripts for our journal. All of them were on time and comprehensive, offering prompt and useful guidance for our authors.

Dr. Ha noted that the journal rates reviewers based on these two criteria, “and Dr. Gang Han came up with perfect scores. Among the 470 ad hoc reviewers of JMCQ, Dr. Gang Han stood out as one of the top reviewers this year.”

Michael Bugeja, Greenlee director, praises conscientious editors like Dr. Ha who establish long-term relationships with scholars. “Gang Han not only reviews for JMCQ but has published in the journal, making him an ideal person for this vital service work.”

Bugeja noted that the Greenlee School remains at the forefront of accredited programs in its dedication to article reviewing. Here is a list of journals that include faculty members as reviewers or on publication boards:

Communication Research, Environmental Communication, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly,  Journal  of Communication, Science Communication, Human Communication Research, Risk Analysis, Media Psychology,  Communications: The European Journal  of Communication Research, The International Journal  of Press/Politics, Electronic News, International Journal  of Public Opinion  Research, Journal  of Computer-  Mediated  Communication, Journal  of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, New Media & Society, Newspaper  Research Journal,  Journal  of Global Mass Communication, Journal  of Mass Media Ethics, Communication Theory, Mass Communication & Society, Feminist Media Studies, Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism,  Political Behavior, and The Information Society.


Celebrating DiversityGreenlee School Posts Mid-Year Diversity Report

February may be African-American History Month, during which academic units at Iowa State emphasize diversity and inclusion; but at the Greenlee School, the effort is year-round with the posting of the unit’s mid-year Diversity Report on a public web page dedicated to the unit’s commitment.

The report, assembled by members of the Undergraduate Committee’s Diversity Panel—chaired by Assistant Professor Tracy Lucht with faculty members Pauli Escobedo and Beth Haag—showcases 30 items, ranging from Awards and Recognition to Scholarship, Outreach, Service and Teaching, Mentoring, Advising.

In the Awards category,  Lucht and Assistant Professor Amy Erica Smith, Political Science, were awarded a $5,000 Women’s and Diversity Grant to host the on-campus workshop “Strategies for Being Productive and Getting Recognized: Strengthening the Ranks of Women Faculty at ISU.” The workshop was led by Dr. Joy Gaston Gayles of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.

Several Greenlee faculty members had publications or presentations based on diversity scholarship. Associate Professor Joel Geske published the article “Riot vs. Revelry: News Bias through Visual Media” in Teaching Media Quarterly, Vol. 4, No. 1: Teaching Black Lives Matter:  Media, Race and Social Movements 

Michael Bugeja’s article “The Fuss,” about trigger warnings and microaggressions, was published by Inside Higher Ed. His presentation on the same topic was accepted for Iowa State’s iScore conference on March 1.

Lucht wrote two diversity-related articles for Clio, the History Division newsletter of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication: “Race, Representation, and the Practice of Journalism” and “Research Meets Recent Events: Harassment a Part of Women’s History in Broadcasting.”

The Greenlee School sponsored a public screening of Project Enye (ñ): A Voice for First–Generation Latinos between Two Worlds, on Oct. 13, 2016. The School also was a co-sponsor of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s public lecture “A Deeper Black: Race in America” on Jan. 30, 2017.

Greenlee is partnering with the ISU 4U Promise program. The goal of the promise program is to promote the college experience among students at Des Moines’ King and Moulton elementary schools. Students who complete fifth grade at King or Moulton elementary school will be eligible for tuition awards to Iowa State University. The goal of the school’s partnership with the program is to promote careers in advertising, journalism and mass communication and public relations and to help Iowa State’s recruitment of underrepresented students. The program dates are Feb. 16 and March 9.

In March, Greenlee will host Earnest Perry for a Research Friday. During his time at ISU, he will speak about his latest research on "Teaching History in the Age of Black Lives Matter: Embracing the Narratives of the Long Struggle for Civil Rights."

The Greenlee School will host journalist Joe Starita on campus in spring 2017. Starita has written three narrative non-fiction books about Native Americans, one nominated for a Pulitzer in history. His most recent book, A Warrior of the People, details Susan La Flesche, a Native woman from the Nebraska/Iowa area who was the first Native woman to complete medical school. He will give a campus-wide lecture, speak to journalism classes, and attend a luncheon for Greenlee faculty, staff, and students. 

Several classes emphasize diversity and inclusion at the Greenlee School. In his Strategic Planning course, lecturer Bret Voorhees has made diversity and inclusion the “client.”  In fall 2016, the class worked with the Iowa State Daily and Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Reginald Stewart's new office to assess the current “temperature” of diversity discussions on campus. The class proposed ways to present and message this important issue; the spring 2017 class is continuing this work.

Lecturer Lisa Munger Oakes’s new course, JLMC 414x: Digital Newsroom: Depth Reporting, will produce a half-semester-long project centered on the theme of giving “voice to the voiceless.”

To read the entire report, click here.   

The Greenlee School won the national AEJMC Equity and Diversity Award in 2014 and remains dedicated to serving diverse audiences in the digital age.

Greenlee School Student Debt Falls

Greenlee School average student debt—at record lows for Advertising students with decreasing debt for Journalism and Public Relations majors—has fallen to an average $26,200 compared to the University’s $27,563, latest data show.

Advertising students had an average debt of $24,226, dropping from a high of $34,095 in 2012-13. Journalism students’ debt has fallen below the $30,000 mark at $27,588. Public Relations, established in 2013, fell in the past academic year to $26,751.

 Average Debt of Greenlee Students Chart

*Public Relations Degree established 2013

Rising tuition has affected out-of-state students especially. However, the good news is that average debt for Greenlee’s Iowa students has decreased significantly from 2014-15 levels. The biggest drop was -25% to $22,690 for in-state Advertising students. Journalism’s average student debt fell -10.5% to $26,198. Public Relations students saw a -2.5% drop to $23,903.

Average debt for in-state Iowa State students, all undergraduate majors, rose about 2% from $25,835 to $26,371. Average debt for Greenlee in-state students (all three majors) fell 15.6% from $28,843 to $24,328.

However, the percentage of Greenlee students with debt rose slightly in the past academic year from 66.4% to 67.6%. The University’s percentage dropped slightly from 65.6% to 62.3%.

Michael Bugeja, director, said the average debt for Greenlee students is still too high, especially for Journalism students. “The threshold should be below $25,000, which we have achieved overall,” he said, noting that the average student debt for the class of 2015 rose 4% to $30,100 nationally. For the state of Iowa, average debt was $29,732, or 8th highest in the nation, with statistics available at this URL.

Bugeja thanked donors for scholarship and internship support to help defray debt. Last year the School gave more than $210,000 in scholarships.

The Greenlee School requires every major to complete four-year graduation plans to reduce debt and emphasizes placement so graduates can secure employment to offset expenses. Placement, within six months of commencement, has ranged from 95% to 100% since 2011. New data show 1 in 10 Greenlee majors graduates in three years and 7 in 10 in four years.

For more information, visit the School’s “Public Accountability” website.


Greenlee School 3-Year Graduation Rate Soars

Six years ago the faculty of Iowa State’s Greenlee School of Journalism streamlined its curricula to offset student debt via timely graduation, retention and job placement, and those efforts are evident today, with three-year graduation rates at almost 10%.

Latest data show 9.4% of Greenlee degree majors graduated in three years, up from 5.6% the year before. That compares to less than 3% for ISU and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Greenlee’s four-year graduation is at 60%, significantly higher than ISU’s and LAS’s mid-40% range, as the table below illustrates:

  Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year  
2011 2.7% 2.5% 5.6% 45.5% 47.6% 68.1% 70% 65.4% 79.2%
2012 2.9% 2.8% 9.4% 46.5% 45.6% 60%      





Combined three- and four-year rates put the School’s graduation rate at almost 70%.

Greenlee retention rates also surpass the norm, with 89.6% of majors returning to the School after the first year, compared with 87.8% for ISU and 83.3% for LAS.

Retention and graduation rates prepare students for the workplace, with placement rates between 95% and 100% within six months of commencement in Advertising, Journalism and Public Relations.

The School’s curricula features lower and upper core courses with most other courses serving as electives with as few pre-requisites as possible, to facilitate graduation. Incoming students must submit four-year graduation plans and master grammar, style and other basic skills. That also helps prepare them for future coursework.

Latest exit surveys show that seniors needed an average 7.75 semesters to graduate, or less than 4 years.

With more than $200,000 in scholarships and internship support, many graduates are able to focus on their studies and work for student media.

Another reason for high placement is the 400-hour, required, capstone internship, supervised by a faculty member.

Last year the School set an enrollment record with 844 majors, up from 612 in 2011. You can find more statistics about the Greenlee School on its transparency website


Emily BarskeIowa State Daily's Barske wins Iowa College Media Association's "Journalist of the Year"

Emily Barske, editor of the Iowa State Daily, was chosen ICMA’s Journalist of the Year last week amid a flurry of awards associated with Iowa State journalism.

Three finalists were selected and interviewed on Thursday for the top student honor, with Barske named the winner later that evening. Last year Barske was named a Columbia School of Journalism fellow in a competitive process that included five top journalism students in the country.

The Daily, named the top student newspaper in the country last year by the Society of Professional Journalists, also won the ICMA First Amendment Honor for work on Voices last Spring. The award-winning project focused on inclusion and identity at Iowa State.

Other awards came Friday at the Iowa Newspaper Association banquet in competition with other professional city dailies in the state:

  • Best Sports Columnist First Place - Max Dible
  • Best Video Second Place - Emily Blobaum
  • Best Community Leadership Second Place - Voices
  • Best Special Section Third Place - The Iowa State Way

Michael Bugeja, director of the Greenlee School, praised Barske and the independent student-run Daily for fact-based journalism focused on community and campus issues. “Emily Barske and others winning awards last week showcase the quality of instruction at the Greenlee School.”

In Other News …

Assistant Professor Jan Lauren Boyles received an LAS/ELO Online Course Improvement Grant to redesign the online offering of JLMC 474. This month, Boyles is completing a book review for Newspaper Research Journal. For AEJMC, Boyles is planning a preconference for PhD students. In service, Boyles will also be serving as a judge for the Iowa finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Professor Michael Bugeja won the Iowa Newspaper Association’s highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award. He also was a guest on “Talk of Iowa’s” recent broadcast about George Orwell’s Doublethink and Newspeak prophecy. Inside Higher Ed has accepted a new essay about honoring faculty and staff with award nominations, to be published in the Spring.

Associate Professor Gang Han reports the following: 


  • Gang’s peer-reviewed book chapter on Journalism education, “Serving Two Masters,” is included in Global Journalism Education: Challenges and Innovations, published by World Journalism Education Council with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, University of Texas, Austin. This book is in print and forthcoming this spring. 
  • Another peer-reviewed book chapter, “Influences of Audience Feedback on News Content in Traditional and New Media: A Theoretical Evaluation,” has been included in Media Scholarship in a Transitional Age: Research in Honor of Pamela J. Shoemaker. This volume is in print with Peter Lang Publishing.


  • Gang has been invited to serve on several POS committees outside Greenlee: three doctoral committees in the College of Human Sciences; two masters’ in Information System at the College of Business; one in College of Design and one more in College of Human Sciences.
  • Besides reviewing submissions for Health Comm Division of ICA for its 2017 annual conference, Gang recently reviewed manuscripts for several journals, including Computers in Human Behavior, Behaviour & Information Technology, and Journalism Bimonthly.

Lecturer Catherine Huggins notes that her class in Strategic Counseling in Public Relations is discussing corporate communications and media relations. Specifically, how to establish and strengthen relationships with the media, the role of spokespeople, etc.  Guest speakers include Sarah Buckley, a corporate communications and marketing expert and 1994 alumna of the Greenlee School, and Perry Beeman, senior staff writer for the Business Record, a 1981 Greenlee alumnus. In her Advertising Campaigns class, the new client is Rockwell Collins. Alyssa Bittner, client contact, addressed the class about the campaign challenges.

Assistant Professor Su Jung Kim reports the following:


  • Her co-authored paper, "The dynamic inter-relationship between customer engagement and disengagement behaviors with mobile apps and marketplace behaviors," has been published in Service Science.
  • Her first-authored manuscripts, "A longitudinal analysis of media substitution between personal computers (PCs) and mobile phones using Nielsen’s PC-Mobile 2-Screen panel data " and "Differences in characteristics and perception of sponsored vs. organic reviews" have been accepted for presentation at this year's ICA conference.
  • Her first-authored paper, “This reviewer received free product in exchange for his/her honest opinions: How sponsored reviews differ from organic reviews," has also been accepted for presentation at the Global Conference of the American Academy of Advertising.


  • Lijing Gao, who earned a Master's degree from Greenlee and is now a Ph.D. student in Sociology, gave a guest lecture in Su Jung's Strategic Planning class. 


  • She reviewed a manuscript for Journal of Marketing Management. Ad Club hosted a fund-raising event for its spring trip to Chicago. 

Assistant Professor Tracy Lucht will give a presentation titled “The Personal Was Political: Sylvia Porter and the Development of Personal Finance Journalism” at the Business History Conference in Denver, Colorado, on March 31. She helped organize a PF&R (Professional Freedom and Responsibility) panel that will take place during this year's AEJMC convention. The panel, titled “What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander? Unequal Workplace Conditions for Women in Broadcast News and Sports,” is co-sponsored by the Electronic News Division and the Commission on the Status of Women. Lucht will serve as discussant. She also invited Ryan Berg, author of the award-winning book “No House to Call My Home: Love, Family, and Other Transgressions,” to talk with students in Reporting and Writing class about his work and writing on the issue of homelessness among LGBTQ youth. “His talk will take place March 9,” she writes, “and all members of the Greenlee community are welcome to attend. Lucht also reviewed an article for the International Journal of Communication. 

Assistant Professor Andrew Pritchard and colleagues from other institutions submitted research to Learning and Individual Differences on the role of a student’s personality in selecting a satisfying major. Their study found that personality not only influences the choice of major directly but also predicts the salience of other influences (such as parents’ opinions or a program’s reputation) on the decision and the likelihood of a student being satisfied with his or her major. Pritchard also began a term of service on ISU’s student publications board.

Assistant Professor Dara Wald had a paper accepted for the 2017 Conference on Communication and Environment (COCE) on “Post-Trust, Not Post-Fact: The Role of Source Credibility in Communication about Climate Change and GMOs” co-authored with K. Hunt (ISU, AGEDS). Another paper, “Discovering News Frames: An Approach for Exploring Text, Content, and Concepts in Online News Sources,” co-authored with L. Cheeks, T.L. Stephian, and A. Gaffar of Arizona State University, was published in the International Journal of Multimedia Data Engineering and Management.

Wald is a collaborator on a new grant proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation MRI program by the Chemical Instrumentation Facility at ISU. In addition, she submitted a new proposal to the LAS Seed Grants for Social Sciences program entitled “Understanding the role of misperceptions and source credibility in affecting sustainable behavior.” Wald will serve as a panelist at an upcoming ISU workshop on “Women in Science: Challenges and Opportunities.”

Assistant Professor Kelly Winfrey reports that she helped organize Ready to Run® Iowa. The first two workshops, to be held on Feb. 17, have record-breaking registration, with 125 women registered. This is more than three times the attendance of the 2015 workshops. Similar attendance is expected for the March 31 and April 28 workshops. She also is presenting “The Imposter Syndrome: Giving Yourself the Credit You Deserve” at ISU's annual Professional & Scientific Professional Development Conference on February 28, 2017.  She appeared on KCCI Close Up on December 18, 2016 to discuss fake news (

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