College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Study Abroad Programs

The Greenlee School currently offers study abroad opportunities for students every other year during the spring semester. Associate Professor Dennis Chamberlin leads groups of Greenlee students in Urbino, Italy, where they're able to immerse themselves in a foreign culture while studying advanced photojournalism and multimedia.

In addition students will take an intensive one-month Italian language course and attend classes that focus on Renaissance art history, literature and political thought. Classes will take place in the historic city center but many class sessions will also take place outside of the traditional classroom, including trips to Florence, Sienna and Rome. The focus on Renaissance topics provides students an opportunity to learn about art, literature and philosophy of the 15th Century in a setting where the Renaissance can still be seen.

Students are coached by a Pulitzer Prize-winning staff in photography as well as online video and learn how to navigate as professional journalists in a foreign culture by working with interpreters and crafting ready-to-publish features and news stories. 

Past study abroad programs have taken place during the summer across Poland and in Urbino, Italy.

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